Ayur → life or longevity

Veda → science

Ayurveda → Science of Life or Longevity

Ayurveda is the ancient healing system of India; a holistic system which not only endeavours to cure diseases, but aims to prevent them. Therefore aspects such as medicine, the art of cooking, yoga for proper movement of the body, meditation for balancing all levels of our live are covered.

Dissatisfaction with Western medicines and the excellent results people are experiencing through Ayurvedic treatments has resulted in Ayurveda becoming more prevalent in the West. Ayurvedic medicine can now be studied in London.

Ayurveda offers plenty of advice to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. Recommendations for daily routines are offered, eg how get up in the morning; on what and when to eat and how to prepare the food in a way that our body can be nourished the best.

As an ayurvedic massage therapist I am offering  Abhyanga Massages (full body massages) and Padabhyanga, which is a foot massage with a special metal bowl. Furthermore I run workshops helping to understand the basics of Ayurveda and how one can integrate ayurvedic principles into the daily life in order to help us to become and stay healthy.