Zest for Yoga is offering Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal Yoga for Mums and Babies in Ickenham and the Uxbridge area.  

The practise of yoga helps our body to strengthen and become more mobile through Asanas (yoga postures); it invites calmness and relaxation into our mind through Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation: It enables us to enjoy our lives!

I am also offering Ayurvedic Full Body Massages for women at all stages in their life, including for pregnancy and after giving birth.


Upcoming events:



Office work, spending a long time on the computer can lead to bad posture and a weak and tense back. Yoga is good for your back! Read more ….



Dates for Postnatal Yoga for mums and babies:

The next course is runs from April 25th till May 23rd.  This course is now open for booking through Hillingdon Leisure Centre.

As always, please book directly with the Centre on 0845 130 7324 or at their reception desk or 2 weeks before the start of the course also online.




LOOKING AHEAD:  The British Wheel of Yoga London Festival is coming back at the last June weekend!!!

For everyone who likes Yoga an absolute MUST. If you book before April 14th, you are also saving money using the Early Bird Discount.

Bookings through: BWY Yoga London Region website

London Yoga Festival 2014 web image