Restorative Yoga

The discipline of Yoga has numerous form and ways to practise, Restorative Yoga is one of them. We can feel health, energetic and ready for a strong asana based practise. Sometimes our focus might be more inwards which makes a pranayama- or meditative practise more accessible. But then there are time when we feel rushed off our feet, drained, exhausted or we recover from an illness which leaves us low in energy, we might look after smaller (or bigger) children and would like to practise something that is not strenuous at all or we feel absolutely fine and prefer a very gentle practise. In whichever situation you find yourself Restorative Yoga might be just the right practise for you.

In Restorative Yoga we work with lots of props. You are practising asana (yoga postures) but in such a supported way, that your body does not need to actively do something, but stays in that particular posture in a completely passive way. As support we use bolsters, blankets, blocks, belts, cushions, whatever is needed, that your body is completely at ease and yet receives the benefit of that particular posture.

The benefit of Restorative Yoga are:

  • a deep sense of rest and relaxation
  • lowering of the heart beat and blood pressure
  • relaxation of the brain and nervous system
  • a time out in quietness
  • opportunity to re-energise
  • allow healing

Postures are held anything from 5 – 20 min . It can be practised by everybody, every ability, every age.

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