Mum & Baby Yoga

Just like pregnancy, the time after giving birth is very special, too. The body of the new mum is still vulnerable and weak. And just like in pregnancy lots of changes are happening and hormones soaring.

During Mum & Baby Yoga we would like to support the body through these changes and help it to regain strength and vitality, as well as to improve its posture; while at the same time having fun with integrating the babies into yoga as well.

Lots of new mums suffer from


back ache due to weak abdominal muscles,


tensions in neck and shoulders from carrying and nursing the baby and


exhaustion due to interrupted sleep and/or settling restless babies.

Through specially tailored yoga postures we work on strengthening the entire back and encouraging the release of tensions especially in neck and shoulders. Regular exercises for the tummy and pelvic floor help to firm them again in order to support back and posture. All sessions are interwoven with breathing exercises and deep breathing contributing to increase the level of energy as well as relaxation. For breastfeeding mums this is particularly beneficial as relaxing encourages a good flow of milk.

Babies are integrated where suitable. Special elements for the babies are included to help with discomforts like colic, restlessness and with their general development.

These sessions are a great way for mum and baby to bond and meet other mums.

The classes are small and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Recommended from 7 weeks after birth, for c-sections 10 weeks.

New courses are going are going to re-start from September 9th 2019 onward. They are going to run from 11.15 am to 12.30 pm.  If you are interested, please contact me for further information.

Please wear loose clothes and bring a blanket for your baby

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