Back Care with Yoga and Ayurveda _ Mini Retreat

 Nourish and Strengthen your Back using Yoga and Ayurveda


May 30th, 4.00 – 6..00 pm,  online via Zoom

Costs: £20

 How is your back right now? Feeling strong, fluid, achy, tight, stressed? 

In the UK about 80 % of adults are experiencing back pain in their life.  Can you relate to that? 

Maybe you are one of the many people who are working from home right now. As our furniture is not designed to act as office, rather the opposite to provide a space for rest,  more aches in shoulders and lower backs are more frequently the result.

If this is resonating with you, I’m delighted to invite to a very special Yoga retreat… online!

Spend a nourishing afternoon with me and other like-minded yoga students as we take a journey into Caring for our Back.

Together we will explore Asana (Yoga postures), Pranayama (breathing),  Ayurveda and journaling, 

We will gather in my ‘virtual studio’, and all you’ll need is your laptop or tablet, a comfy cushion and a blanket or two and if you have, a mat, if not not to worry about it and pen and paper,

Here is our supportive and flowing agenda for our Retreat:

  • Welcome and introduction into the afternoon 
  • Checking in with ourselves, setting an intention, 
  • Yoga practice to nourish to back, releasing and strengthening
  • Ayurveda recommendations to support our back
  • Looking ahead to on how to take care of your back in future to avoid 
  •  Breathing and Relaxation

 It’s going to be the time-out for your back and for you!

Your investment in this important ‘you-time’ experience is just £20. 

As well as joining me live for this gorgeous afternoon, at the completion of your Retreat I’ll send you a recording so you can re-create a ‘self-retreat’ whenever you feel the need for some extra TLC.

How does that sound to you?

Book you space below.

I am looking very much forward to seeing you in our virtual Retreat centre.


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