Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

 March 28th, 14.00 – 16.00 pm,  1st Scouts Hall, UB10 8RE

Costs: £30

The Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse is coming up. Why do we need to cleanse our body you may ask?

According to Ayurveda the seasonal transitions are challenging our body; they disturb our digestive system. If our digestive fire weakens, the chance that toxins in our body create diseases increases. Toxins are accumulating when food, or anything we see, hear or feel, are not entirely digested and moving around the body.

So how can we cleanse our system?

By eating warm liquid soupy food, staying away from coffee, tea, alcohol, by maintaining a certain daily routine.

In this workshop I would like to

– explain the above mentioned concept of the seasonal changes,
– offer you food plans for an eight day cleanse,
– recipes for the cleanse,
– lifestyle guidance for the time of the cleanse,
– show you how to cook an adaptable base recipe.

Cleansing can be challenging, cleansing together is easier


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