With Ayurveda into the Spring – Yoga, Cooking, Lifestyle

Feb 27th, 2.00  – 5.00 pm,  online via zoom

Costs: £40 – Bookings up to Thursday, Feb 25th – £30

According to Ayurveda, each season has its particular characteristics, energy and therefore requirements on our systems.

Spring is the time of Kapha with its fertile ground. Life is waiting in the starting blocks to burst out as soon as the temperatures are climbing up to dazzle us with an array of colours and fragrances after the long and cold, harsh winter.

 Kapha is cool, heavy, moist and soft, it is fullness and fertility,  Kapha is all lubrication in our body, nourishment and immune system as well, which makes it pretty important. Too much of it, however, leads to mucus congestions, colds, flus, feeling lethargic, sluggish digestion and weight gain, just to name a few. 

Especially if our constitution is Kapha dominant and we tend to suffer frequently from sinus and/or chest congestions, runny nose, it is good to be extra vigilant during that time of the year.

 Ayurveda advices us eat light during the change of season until all is established and the body has adjusted itself to the new qualities.

 In this workshop I would like to share with you tips from Ayurveda on

  • the best vegetables and herbal teas during spring.
  • which spices are now strengthening our digestive fire.
  • how to cook a simple dish.
  •  5 asanas (Yoga postures) that help you to warm the body up.
  • daily routines helping you to stay strong and healthy through the cold season.

You would like to learn more about how to stay healthy and strong, come and join us for cooking, practicing Yoga and relaxing. 


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