Feel nourished & centred in the comfort of your home with an afternoon of Yoga breathing for health and vitality.


How do you feel about a couple of hours of nourishing breath-related yoga postures, deep breathing and relaxation?

Yes! Maybe this mini-retreat is for you.

Our breath is a very powerful tool, it can help us to feel energized and calm at the same time.

During our day to day lives we all are exposed to a good deal of stress and worries.

Whatever the reasons might be,

  • a fast paced and busy schedule,
  • change in life circumstances, such as job, relationship or health changes,
  • too much or not enough interaction with others,

over time we start feeling tired and depleted,  we are irritable and impatient or even depressed and overwhelmed. It effects our energy level, we might develop undesirable eating habits potentially leading to weight gain or loss, our sleep can be disturbed and our relationships with family, friends and colleagues are affected. 

Does that resonate with you?

As we have our powerful tool readily available, regular breath awareness practices such as deep abdominal breathing are super simple and unbelievable effective in providing us with energy and shifting our nervous system into rest and digest mode.

I am so excited to offer you an opportunity to take a step back, focus on your breath, move with the breath, learn or relearn a simple yet calming and nourishing breathing technique which you can integrate where ever you are and whenever you like, and experience a nourishing breath-lead Yoga sequence and relaxation to leave you refreshed and calm.


What to expect, you wonder?


  • A mindfulness breathing technique and Sankalpa to set the focus for the afternoon.
  • A short journaling practice to empty the overflowing mind.
  • A breath-lead asana (postures) practice to guide the mind into the body and calmness.
  • Deep breathing to connect to the breath and re-energise.
  • Deep relaxation at the end  to digest and absorb the session and improve sleep and energy.

You will enjoy the session

  • if you feel overwhelmed or stressed at times.
  • if .you would like to improve the quality of your breathing which has suffered due to stress or/and health issues.   
  • if you would like to receive tips on how to cope with stress and stay energised.
  • if you would love a couple of hours to yourself for some much needed self-care.

This two hour retreat is a perfect opportunity to slow down, rest and restore your energy.

We’ll move through a  slow paced, spacious Yoga practice, freeing up tension in the spine, hips, and shoulders, relaxing a busy mind and releasing tension and strain.

We’ll conclude with a deeply restorative relaxation to leave you feeling lighter,  physically, mentally & emotionally at ease, helping you to have a great night’s sleep.

 If this resonates with you. Reserve you place below.

Here are the details:

Saturday, July 3rd 2021
2.00 – 4.00 pm
online via zoom
Costs are £20 

The session will be recorded and sent out later for you to keep and practice many more times.

If you cannot afford the above the rate, please email me so we can make this work for you. 

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