2 pound unsalted butter


Rinse the butter with water, put it in a pot and allow it to melt on middle heat, reduce to low flame and let it simmer, till the butter is clear and slightly orange coloured. Don’t stir!

During the simmering froth develops on top of the butter, which partly sinks towards the bottom of the pot. This froth can get brownish, but should not get burnt. The other part of the froth remains on the surface and gets sieved at the end, so there is no need to remove it in-between.

Don’t let the simmering ghee too long unobserved, as it burns quite easily especially towards the end. If you can’t stay the whole time, an alarm clock is useful.

When the liquidity is clear, of a yellow-orange colour and has a nutty fragrance (app. After 20 – 30 min. in case of 2 pound), remove the pot from the cooker and let the ghee rest for some minutes. Then sieve it through a thin cloth into a clean glass jar or stainless steel container. Handy for sieving are cotton tea strainers.

For cooling cover the ghee with a kitchen towel or tissue, then close the container and store it in the kitchen cupboard.

Ghee should not be store in the fridge. If it is prepared carefully, means if it doesn’t contain any water, ghee is storable for a quite long time without getting rancid.

Ghee should not be “disturbed” too often. Therefore it is recommendable to fill the approximately daily amount into a smaller container; it stays longer fresh in this case. Also don’t leave a spoon in the ghee.

  • Ghee is indispensable for the preparation of sweets
  • The regular consumption of ghee lubricates the joints from the inside, makes the skin smooth and promotes the digestion.
  • In Ayurveda well know since a long time and shown also by recent studies: Ghee is the only fat, which doesn’t build cholesterol. It even can help to reduce cholesterol.
  • Should you burn your ghee, you always can use it for a ghee lamp, so do not throw it away.

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