Flapjacks (from the Ayurvedic Yogi)

Very taste flapjacks, excellent for lunch boxes and snacks. Sometimes I put fresh apple in as well, works excellent. Be creative:) 15 organic chopped dates 125 g ghee 150 brown sugar/jaggery/date syrup 2 tsp cinnamon 3 ground cardamom large handful of sunflower and...


2 pound unsalted butter Preparation: Rinse the butter with water, put it in a pot and allow it to melt on middle heat, reduce to low flame and let it simmer, till the butter is clear and slightly orange coloured. Don’t stir! During the simmering froth develops on top...

Split Mung Bean Khichadi

In Ayurveda Khichadi has an important place. It is seen as very nourishing and balancing for all constitutions. Khichadi is an excellent fasting dish, as light to digest, nourishing and cleansing. The below recipe is ideal for the changing season of winter towards...

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