In Ayurveda the change of the seasons is the time for giving our digestive system a boost by eating for a few days nourishing and easy to digest food. When the seasons transition the food that we eat is changing as well. We are not eating in the winter the same food that we eat in the summer or spring, right? The winter and the autumn as well, call for more sustenance.

The kitchari cleanse helps our digestive system to change gear.

The cleanse is also a good opportunity to clear out, whatever our body hasn’t been able to digest. This substance is called Ama in Ayurveda. Ama are toxins which over time settle into areas of weakness to turn eventually into illnesses. A cleanse is helping to clear this out, before this is going to happen. It will help as to stay healthier throughout the winter, help us to boost our immune system and make strong to ward of coughs and colds.

If you like to join, please book below. The cleanse is free, I am going to send out the daily recipes and schedules, alongside a cooking demonstration for you to familiarise yourself with kitchari in case you haven’t cooked it before.

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