Why should we meditate and what is meditation?

We all live busy lives and often get lost in them. Our senses constantly feed our mind with new impressions and ideas from our environment, information overload, peer pressure and society expectations can put a lot of stress on us. Inability to handle these pressures can create an open or underlying dissatisfaction with ourselves and our present situation. This dissatisfaction is similar to the feeling “something is missing from my life” because though we may be thriving outwards, we are in fact distancing ourselves from our centre, from whom we really are. We become unhappy.

A regular meditation practise helps us to learn how to discipline the senses and how to re-connect with our centre, our soul, our Self.

Many different meditation techniques have been developed to support us on this journey. Everybody needs to find the meditation technique which suits them the best.

The technique I offer is a sound mediation that Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe has developed. It works on different levels and consists of two aspects.

  • One aspect is chanting stotras (long mantras) which has a particular effect on our mind as well as our body. The letters of the Sanskrit alphabet (the ancient Indian science language) are connected with the chakras (energy centres in our body) which again are connected with different organs. Chanting resonates in the chakras and therefore within the body’s organs, including our brain. These sound vibrations have a balancing effect. They calm our mind and bring clarity.¬†Stotras are chanted on a regular basis in order to increase energy, to balance the energy of the planets in our solar system, to reduce fear and for universal healing.
  • AUM (in the West better known as OM) chanting is the other part of this sound meditation. Chanting AUM is very powerful. All major Indian scriptures, may it be the Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras refer to AUM as meditation tool. AUM is the one syllable representing the whole universe; is total consciousness. Chanting AUM helps us to merge again into this consciousness, to merge into our Self. Through this energy we can discover and realise our true potential in order to live it. It helps us resolve our issues through gaining more clarity and putting things back into perspective.

These effects are achieved through listening or chanting. Chanting has a stronger effect.