Breathe your Stress Away

Deep Breathing is the Easiest and Fastest Way to De-Stress  



Life is very fast. When we have quieter moments, our body forgets to relax or to take deeper breath, which would  lower both, heart rate and blood pressure. Yoga provides us with an ample selection of breathing exercises that do just that, calming and quieten our system.

In this workshop I would like

  • to spend a short moment to remind you of the anatomy,
  • before we are going to systematically open the different breathing spaces,
  • to show you easy postures which are opening the different breathing spaces,
  • to teach you breathing techniques, such as Full Yogic Breathing, Nadi Shodhana, Ujjayi, Brahmari, and how you could use them in your daily life,
  • you to have a go with retaining breath which makes it all more intense.

As breathing is the only activity that we do all the time, where ever we are, whatever we do, it is the perfect tool to work with to either just relax and de-stress or to go deeper inwards working towards meditation. 

Everyone is welcome, beginner, intermediate, there will be something for everyone.


Start:       Saturday, June 10th 2017

Time:       2.30 – 4.30 pm

Venue:     1st Ickenham Scouts, Community Close UB10 8RE

Costs:         £ 15

Ayurvedic Spring Fasting

In Ayurveda the change of seasons are traditionally the time for cleansing the body, freeing it from AMA, toxins that can turn into diseases.

Ahh, finally sprinmungdhalg is arriving. Everybody feels a sense of relieve when the winter starts turning into spring and the weather is getting warmer, the days lighter. Unfortunately this change is often accompanied by feeling sluggish, tired and bloated. This is AMA, toxins that our body hasn’t managed to digest and therefore stored in our body. If we keep accumulating AMA in our system, it eventually is going to weaken our immune system and lead to diseases. An Ayurvedic Spring Detox is be the perfect solution! It’s all about eating tasty soups, drinking warm drinks and refraining from eating certain foods. You might want to indulge in some nice massages and/or steam baths, but also practising yoga and deep breathing is also extremely beneficial.

In this workshop you are going to learn what is special about this way to fast. We are also cookingayur_spices some of these tasty soups, using spices that are supporting the digestive system and putting a fasting plan together.

Suitable for everybody. 

Date:       Saturday, March 7th, 2 – 5 pm
Venue:   13 Lawrence Drive, Ickenham UB10 8RW
Costs:     £15