Ayurvedic Massages

In Ayurveda massages are playing an important role in keeping the body’s doshas balanced and in assisting with detoxing the body. All massages use specifically prepared oils. During Abhyanga (ayurvedic full body massage) Massages these special ayurvedic oils are massaged deep into the body’s tissues.

Different massage techniques help to

  • release muscle and nervous tensions,
  • improve circulations and lymphatic drainage,
  • improve digestion and
  • reduce stress thus promoting health and wellbeing.

All oils that I am using during the massage are produced at the Atmasantulana Centre. They are cooked for several days during which they are cultivated with different herbs in order to be absorbed by the body’s tissues to balance and nourish them.


What happens during a session?

The massage itself takes about 1 1/4  hours. Prior to the first session and health form needs to be filled in.

The massage itself starts with treating first feed and legs upwards, followed by hands and arms, the front of the body, its back and the face.

After all sessions a period of complete rest for about 10 min. should be observed to enable the body to “digest” both the massage and the oil. 1 hour after the massage a shower without soap can be taken to wash off the excess oil. It is advisable to trink plenty of warm water after the massage to help transporting released toxins into the digestive system in order to leave the body.

Please notice: This massage is not suitable during the first 3 days of menstruation.


Please download a health form here and return it via email prior to the massage.

Thank you.




I am a mobile therapist  massaging ladies only. The treatments can be held either at your home or at mine.


 Abhyanga Full Body Massage

  • Single booking:  £50
  • Block booking of 4:   £180

Abhyanga Full Body Massage in Pregnancy

  • Single booking:  £60
  • Block booking of 4:   £200

In case of home visits travel expenses of £0.40/m apply from a distance of 4 miles from Ickenham onwards.


Pregnancy and Postnatal Massages

During pregnancy and the postpartum these massages are extremely beneficial as the help to balance the imbalanced Vata dosha with this helping to

  • ease physical and emotional strain,
  • reduce stress and anxiety,
  • promote sleep,
  • aid digestion and hormonal balance.

Traditionally in India, new mums had a full body massage everyday for the first 10 days. Pregnancy, the process of giving birth and the postnatal time is imbalancing the Vata dosha, the air and space element of the body; oil massages are are one way to help balancing it again.


The imbalance of Vata shows in

  • emotional highs and lows,
  • feeling stressed and overwhelmed,
  • poor digestion